47th workshop Adda’s Scenery

Hey friends , How are you ?? Hope , You are well by the grace of Almighty Allah . Alhamdulilah , I am well too .

While I have joined workshop , Sir told me to share my reading condition . Though I am little bit busy , So I could not finish 13th day’s task .

Then Md. Kamrojjaman vai has shared his reading condition where he has been reading 100 days challenges and making videos . Sir suggested him to create video with

Md. Ziaul Haque vai is very much busy with is office works . He informed us that he joined in our workshop from his office . Though he is a busy man , he tries to focus on his English learning.

Though Mojjammel vai was reading one category after completing zero category post. But he decided  to take 100 days challenges .

Noyon vai who is satisfied his reading or practicing condition. Though he did not complete yesterday of one video SO that today,  he uploaded 3 video . You can easily see his improvements   from his videos . Sir is also highly appreciated his this efforts . Sir told us that to keep continue task is very great job . Sir told him to continue this practice .

Then I went off line , So that I could not able to hear anything . Then I heard Amita apu’s voice…

Amita apu told about his job condition . Apu shared his current condition that she has to read some unknown topics and she is doing it willingly . But in his university life like BBA , MAB , she dis not feel to read outside reading syllabus . But now she likes to read . In past times , she likes to spend her times in watching movies or others things . But now she is fondling of reading .  Sir told her not to be frustrated in her life . Sir wishes that her job sector will be favorable by her knowledge .

Apu told us that when she feels upset now , she just opens in facebook and tries to read Search English and DSB group posts .  She told us that do not be think about other reaction and be practical in our life .

Then Tajmin apu told us that she is little bit delay in her practice  because of her exam , her student’s exam and term paper works .

Asmani apu shared her reading condition by giving salam to sir . Now she has been reading category 1 posts . She can understand very easily and read rapidly .

Md Daloare vai who joined after a long time in our workshop . Though he was little bit weak in English , so he cannot feel interesting in reading . But in our 100 days challenges where all posts are in English and Bangla, he feels to read . After seeing 100 videos of Rana vai , he inspired . And trying to make videos . All the best vai . Sir told him to take seriously .

Lipi apu who is our superb speaker . She has finished 13th days task just few minutes ago . She told us that she is getting interest in reading . She is also reading E-book related topic and already preparing a draft copy of that topic. Apu told us that today is her 51st  workshop . While she joined in workshop, she did not miss any single one .  Within this times , she can do better in reading , writing and speaking . Once English was her scaring things but now it becomes comfortable matter for her .

Sorry to say Khaleda Nasrin apu , I could not hear you properly . But Seeing you at workshop , we felt good .

Md Siam vai who is reading category 2 posts .  He always wants to read but due to his job , he cannot give much times on this .

  1. Wobaydullah vai told us that he is very much busy . But his reading habit grows after joining search English group which was not in past . Due to network condition , he cannot join much workshop but at least one workshop , he will join .

Then Mehadi vai told us that he was busy with E-book topic writing . And he also tries to read 100 days challenges posts .

Now workshop is running and I am hearing along with my work.

What are you doing ??




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