Month: January 2019

Day 67

Wow, we are now slowly moving towards the end. I can see huge change to some of the regular participants. Now, they can easily understand newspaper. Well, I am not happy because their speed has not increased significantly. I wish that it happens to by the end of 100 days. Today’s home work:


“ call me ??” Just a little message , I have got from my sister id. I was little bit astonished to see this . Because always she calls me . But I called her number. “ Owalikumsalam “ “ I did not give salam yet” “ I know , you will definitely “ “ …

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Feeling sleeping

Hey friends, how are you?? Hope, you are doing well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulilah, I am well too but feeling little bit more sleeping. Though I am now returning from campus via bus, so I should not fallen in sleeping here. But the image of my bed is floating in my mind. …

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Sudden realization

Good Afternoon my friends. Alhamdulilah. We are living a new era where the bless of technology cannot be denied. I am really feeling happy by noticing a new feature of my phone. Yes I agree with you that technology has lots of disadvantages. But everything depend on our activities that how we are using technologies. …

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My bad habits

I have a bad habit to talk  about others matter  because I am talk active girl . I have a habit to think someone as close friends because I think so though others do not want . I have a bad habit to sleep lately and rise up lately . I have a bad habit …

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Hey my friends , how are you ?? Hope , you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah . Alhamdulilah ,I am doing well too . Well , I am here by lately to write something as my daily task . Its becomes my ahbits. You have alreeeady seen my post title . Before …

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Terrible feeling

Good Noon.. What a Terrible feeling it was!!! If you are sleeping but feeling a voice comes besides you. What will be your reaction??! I cannot understand What happened to me. At fozor times, I felt from my sleeping that my alarm was ringing. But from Where a girl voice also came with the alarm …

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Marigold Flower

Hey friend, How are you?? Hope, You are well by the grace of almighty Allah. Alhamdulilah, I am fine too. Today I was passing nation assembly or Jatiyo Shangsad building, that times, I noticed marigold flowers. The house of nation becomes beautiful with this flowers plantation. It reminds me of our campus. In the winter …

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Hey dear friend, How are you?? Hope, You are doing well by the grace of almighty Allah. Alhamdulilah, I am pretty much well too. Well, I am here to complete my task. Yes, You have already noticed my title. Let me know who doesn’t love “Rose “. Many times, I have said in my posts …

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Morning Toast

Good morning!!! A Toast cake with a hot tea… really a haven feeling in this cold season… right!!! What a feeling!!! but This girl has no often habit to drink tea.. Just an imagination.. Currently I writing this post by sitting at office. After passing a wonderful vacation, I become more busy. While my roommate …

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My Mom Thought

“ What is she doing ?? Is she okay in her school with new friends”… My mother was thinking in the middle of her household works  while I went school for first time . While I went to play outside , she also worried to think that  Might I involve quarrel with my playmates  though …

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My Fascination

Hey dear friends, How are you?? Hope, you are well by the grace of Almighty. Alhamdulilah, I am doing well too. Because of weekend, I am passing my leisure times. So I don’t like to read anymore. It seems to me that after a long time, I got this vacation. When I feel like this, …

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Knowledge fair 2

Hey dear all, how are you?? How is going on your practice?? Hope, you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulilah, I am well too. Now its time to leave from my knowledge fair. Yes, You are assuming the right thing is that I am leaving my conference without completing the last half …

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Just do it

Hey my friends , How are you ?? Hope you are well  by the grace of Almighty AlLah . Allhamdulilah , I am well too. Today I have passed an wonderful times with Sir , Lipi apu , Anu apu , Jannat apu and Abdul Ahad vai . Yes , You can easily assume that …

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Tried to write a motivational post We know right?? Before a new moon comes

Hey, listen please, what about your academic study condition?? Have you already completed your Honor or graduation?? If you do not complete yet then try to be skilled on extra field besides your academic. Now I wiill talk about my those mates who are now staying at life battle field for surviving. To get a …

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Morning feelings

Assalamualaikum friends… Take my cold cold morning wishes at this morning. Alhamdulilah..Now I am going office via CNG. some of my friends will be astonished to see my post at this very good morning. Basically in this time is my sleeping time but I am…… my friend, who is my roommate, colleague told me that …

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My thought

Good Afternoon….. Today is about to end. What is your significant work, today you have done?? Can you say to your mind that you are satisfied because you have done this job. Can you meet with your own eye by saying ” Hey me, do you have any regretting about today’s or have you any …

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The people who are very close to me, they are thinking that I do not know about reality. Basically I like to stay in my dreamy world. But its not like that I do not know about reality. Its ture that I do not like face the brutality of reality. I like their concern about …

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Thanks Rana vai

Last night, I have slept at 5am. I awoke up at 10.30 am. Just opening my eyelids, firstly I have check my phone first what time it is. Then my hand automatically click on Facebook app. What’s is this!!! 70+ notifications!! Being surprised, I was thinking that maybe I am in sleepy mood. But no, …

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Victory day!!!

Umpteen heartleft Respect, gratitute and prayers for our Martyrs and freedom fighters who sacrificed their life or happiness for us. My happiness is overloaded because of two victories. Another one is that in our 31th day challenge, dear mates, you have to read my posts. So just bear it please Thank you very much Razib …

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Writing Workshop

As usual we do a workshop where we are focusing on reading and speaking skills. But todau was a especially workshop which is badly needed for me that is ” Writing workshop “. Still I am in bus and I am returning home from campus. There is no way but joining from bus bbecause there …

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Half Century

Hey, you may notice in any cricket match where a player shows his bat after half century. And in that situation, that batman becomes more confident than before and sometimes its brings a challenging score for opposite party. Do you become boring by thinking that what’s related in this post?. Actually I thinks, we people …

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Casual thought

Hey, check your phone battery condition?? What is the percentage level of your phone charge?? Do you really notice?? hahaha.. I am kidding with you…. Hey friends, how are you?? Hope you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah… Alhamdulilah, I am in a joyful mood. we know, Our mood always change with times …

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Thanks to All

Hey my beautiful mates , Umpteen thanks for your posts and comments . This is the first time , I got such posts and  comments with lovely wishes  for me which was really unexpected . Because I am no body but a little bit active member in this group . While I tried to write …

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Read the story and put your comment about the moral of the story

First part : This part I posted yesterday to complete the story. Once upon a time, A woman lived with two girl. One gril was her own Daughter and another was her step daughter. Her husband was died when her daughter was little. So She had to look after the two girls. 2nd Part : …

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Facial Recognition system to detect students behavior

All of you may be watched a video in fb about A high school of Chaina has made facial recognition technology system to detect students behavior in the class room. This system is installed every class room of that school. It will scan every 30 seconds while students are in class room. This technology is …

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Community Mobilization

Alhamdulillah, we are very glad to know that Search English wins social media for empowerment award 2018 in community mobilization category. I wanna share with you friends about community Mobilization what I learnt from google. 🙂 Community Mobilization is a process which helps to improve the health, hygiene and education levels to enhance the overall …

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Digital Asset

Maybe Yesterday, some of my SEG friends posted that they had completed a wonderful workshop. They shared that the workshop was based on “Digital asset “. Friends had you heard this name before. Maybe you heard but I didn’t. Ok Let’s come to the point. After seeing this words”Digital Asset”, I am getting more interested …

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Comfort zone

Today I will discuss about the comfort zone. Before starting my discussion I want to tell you something about myself. Till collage, I was stayed in my home with my family. That time I felt so my boring. I always thought I wish I could stay far from my family that will be wonderful. I …

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Inspiration and support are the big weapon to success when they are combined

How are you my Friends . I know all of you are so much enthusiastic , hard working person . Every day , we are walking in the path of our goal . But sometimes we cannot become successful person. sometimes we feel so much frustrated . we advise others people that don’t be frustrated …

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Today I sit for an exam where there are some questions about translation from Bangla to English. These translation are not a normal translation like some critical type. So I try to translate them. But I cannot make them and I saw everybody are doing well. Most important thing, the environment is so darkness. so …

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Do you have an experience to talk with your own mind??

I have and many times I try to discuss any matter with my mind. Today’s conversation. Mind : Zannat, what’s happened?? Zannat : What!! ( with screaming ) Mind : how rude!!! I am feeling restless that’s why I ask you. Zannat : Nothing. Mind: Really. then why are looking upset. Zannat : Really don’t …

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Manner & Etiquette

“A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait ( প্রতিকৃতি) “…… Johann Wolfgang von Goethe As we are social being we need to communicate to others and make a relationship. There are some rules that people follow to deal with others like at home with family members and company too. There …

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Quick and Easy effective techniques for sleeping……

Sleeping  is a natural remedy. we should need a proper sleep for being healthy. But some people are saying that they can’t sleep properly. Depression is the main cause not to sleep well. some people are also complain that they are laying on the bed but can’t sleep quickly. So I want to share some …

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Day 66

Please read at least two pages of an English Daily Newspaper. This is very helpful for you. You will get huge amount of information within just 30-40 minutes. Today’s home work is:

Day 65

Only 35 days left. What will happen after the end of 100 days? We will continue the reading program. For today’s task, click on the links below:

Day 64

Time is passing very fast. We have only 35 days left. Please try to make videos every day. Also try to read at least one page of an English language Daily Newspaper. Today’s is very easy now:

Day 63

  Tomorrow, your first task is to read two pages of an English language daily newspaper. Take this matter seriously please. Most of you are not serious about it and try to give excuse. It is a very sad matter. You are simply wasting your time and presicious life. Tomorrow’s reading task:

Day 62

  Today, you have two tasks: Read the posts of One Category: Please buy an English daily newspaper and read two pages. Try to buy a newspaper. It will cost only 10-12 Taka.

Day 61

  Tomorrow, you have just two tasks: Read the posts of Zero Category and it should not take a lot of time. Buy any English Daily Newspaper and read just any two pages that you like.

Day 60

I am very happy that we have passed 60% of our challenge. Now, reading has become easier for you and you are not getting anything new. As a result, you can finish each day’s task faster and easier. However, please take this work seriously. Don’t neglect it. Click on the link below and read all …

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