12 Years: What went Wrong?


You have studied English language for 12 long years from class 1 to HSC. If we do something for 12 years, we should become highly skilled in it. However, for us, it has happened the other way. We are weak in English, we are afraid, we are ashamed to use it and finally we do not have any confidence. Sadly, it is not the exception but it has become the rule. So, it is time to ask ourselves this question: what went wrong?

I will be writing a series of post about this matter today. So, be with me. What do you think went wrong? Why are you weak in English despite reading for 12 years as a compulsory subject?

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19 thoughts on “12 Years: What went Wrong?”

  1. right sir.. we don’t learn in English only for afraid, fear and shy..but now we r learn English without fear,afraid and shy. in 12years we learn grammatical rules whose after a few days we forget it..

  2. what went wrong ?
    what ?
    what’s the reason ?
    why couldn’t we be good at English in the last 12 years of study life until H.S.C ?
    even though we had at least one book on english in every class.
    so, where was the problem ?
    what went wrong at all ?

    i think the problem is in our education system.
    yeah, our education system is always being exam based.
    Students study only to pass the exam.
    That’s why they get some paragraph, essay,or some grammatical points by heart . And usually they cut a good figure in the exam.
    But, what they get in reality ? is nothing.
    we don’t have enough pacilities to practice practically.
    And where it is available, there we don’t try to practise.
    Second problem i think is *SHYNESS*.
    we feel shy and uncomfortable to talk some English in the school .
    it’s a matter of great sorrow that very few english teachers of our country encourage the students to practise English practically.
    only the English medium schools offer something …

  3. we took English as our subject and we always tried to swallow it without understanding anything. We thought that English is a matter of cramming or memorising. It was our wrong perception of learning English.

  4. Main problem was that we studied English considering it as a subject to pass the stairs of exam and for that we used to memorize lessons based on exam and used to forget everything at the end of exams. Here in Search English, we are not committing same mistake again. Here, we are focusing on practicing this language considering it as a subject to use in our day to day life like our mother tongue Bangla and only for this so many people are becoming skilled in using English language each and everyday.

    Special thanks to you sir for showing us real path to learn English. May the Almighty bless you by all means.

  5. Shamim Hossan

    Did we ever look for the cause why we can’t speak English even after completing HSC level? In 12 years we took English as a subject. We just read it only for passing in the examination. Most of times we swallow it without understanding. That’s is main reason for our fail. If we take it as a language, we can learn it easily…
    If we have a look we can easily find out the reason of our failure. We can’t learn English only for fear and shyness. Fear means to us. OMG!! English is very difficult. shyness means what other people say, or will say when we make mistake or utter English without knowing exact English grammatical rules. We always bother about it. For this reason we can’t be able to learn English. 1st of all….We have to give up all kinds if fear about English. Eventually, day by day we will be a pragmatic person

  6. In 12 years we had a subject called English. it was not our dream.we had to read only for passing and increasing gpa.. grammatical part was the most fearful part to us. and that’s why now we cant speak in english.

  7. In those 12 years I didn’t get any proper guideline except memorizing rules. That’s why afraid and feel shy.

  8. Mohammad Touhidul Islam

    I think we had gone through the wrong way. Because we always tried to learn English accurately with grammar. That’s the main problem of our education system. We should remember one thing that it is a language. When we have learned our own language, at first we tried to speak what other people said. After few months or years we had learned how to write. Then gradually we have learned how to read and write in a accurate way. This is the systematic way to learn a language.

  9. Absouletly right.12years read english but don’t expert english. In this main problem shame and hesitation.

  10. Rashed Talukder

    I have a lot of excause in my mind. what went wrong?? what had not of all students?? 12 years often every class among compulsory subject the english. without english and bangla all others subject were be changed. but bangla and english subject have still every classes. despite the subject we couldn’t learned this language.
    I have found a lot of reason. teachers have also missing acknowledge among english language. some teachers to knowing english but ther aren’t know how can teach students. some teachers are known but they aren’t try to teach students. I also say that the academic system is not perfect. we have to learn english language. so first we have to learn to speaking knowledge for speak. after that should beginning another point to devolop grammer and others skilled what is still in this group. but what is this in our academic books??? so, I would like to say our educational board and education minister, try to changed system to teaching english. otherwise every student’ll be as like pasters. we are always see a graduated persons can not speak with another persons only 10 minutes.. really, its frustration should carry education systems.

  11. We just go out bhind of grrammer. Because We don’t want to learn it properly. We thank just how could i pass exam in english. So we memorize that things what through we passed. Now it’s high time to change our thinking style, change our mentality.

  12. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    From childhood our teachers always emphasize on grammar and for that reason when we want to talk, we feel feared about grammatical mistake..For this,because of fear and shame, we abandon to speak in English and our weakness in English never gone

  13. It’s true that we have a lot of fear in English despite of reading 12 years. This is because, We never apply English in our real life situation. From the very beginning of our life, We have a tendency to skip or run away from English. As our teachers always say it’s not your native language beside it’s too much hard to your native language. So that what should we do? Whereas we are taking preparation to learning English language in that time, our surrounding tell us “It’s very difficult Babu”. You may not be skilled in it until you go to a English language country.

    On the other hand, On our school or college levels students have to learn nearly 12 or 13 subject at a time. If they are a student of science, They have to cling to their sectional subject like physics, chemistry, biology etc. Now a days, there is another subject they have to read IcT. Then what do they? How can they manage their time?

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