12 days task

Opus !!! what is this !!!!

“ please take sweet as much as you want “

As much As ?? !! “ its OK , I will take one “

No,  at least two .

OK , thank you .

“ MY pleasure “

Well , friends , It was my conversation with my roommate who  is also my friend. Alhamdulilah , with the bless of Almighty Allah , my one senior apu and friend joined today in a job who are my housemates . So it is a matter of great joy for us . Our housemates are really very enthusiastic and hard working persons . Almost everyone are getting call for viva or job .

And the above expression was surprising feelings because after completing  12 days task , I was absolved in thinking about my writing like how can I start my writing . Suddenly I saw a packet is coming  in front of my face . So my subconscious mind got that feeling.

Alhamdulilah , I have finished today task within 1 hours . It becomes a great pleasure to me to read other writings .  The titled “ letter” category reading syllabus are mostly writing by our search English mates . That’s really amazing .  Maximum posts are written to parents , friends and brother.

Reading is a good practice which we are realizing day by day . And today I have also watched a motivational video where there were 6 points to be a successful person . the last two points was reading and writing respectively .

The author told us to read at least 10 pages every day . If you count after one year then you will be read 3650 pages which is almost 17 books or 16 books of medium size .  And he also suggested us to write something every day .  we can write what we are feeling or our work or our thought . It will lead you to move your work . It will urge to keep focus on our job .

Though I was little bit busy and first time , I totally forgot about one task which I have continuously joined . Basically I thought , maybe  tomorrow will be the day but when my roommate asked me about my absence , I just surprised .

Ooh , last night , I told you about my brother. Was it a coincidence that I was thinking about his condition while I was going through reading syllabus  I got a call from my father? He talked with me about my condition . Lastly he informed me that my younger brother was very much ill last night .   I feel really sorry for him . He is very much emotional boy with tight lips . He does not want to share his pain easily. When I talked to him today , he just informed me with a laugh “ Apu , nothing happened , just awoke up after remaining a short time of faint.” What a family I have …. They always think about myself . but they do not that who hard mined cruel I am where their news do not affect me .

Alhamdulilah . May Allah bless you all .

Allah hafez .




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